[30 days to 30: 2009]

[30 days to 30: 2009]

Qingdao, China

It was an interesting year for sure. I somehow became the girls’ basketball varsity coach. Woo! The girls were amazing – we had a great season and they were wonderful to work with.

At some point, both of my roommates caught pneumonia. Yeah. Let’s call it hard and interesting. And luckily, lasted for a short season.

The fall brought continued trials that God has used over the last few years to refine and grow me. It was hard, but He knows better than I, and I trust Him for His sovereignty.

I spent Christmas with my family. It was wonderful!


There wasn’t a picture in the pocket… but there was an amazing from my aunt and uncle!


a pic from the year:IMG_7012[Halloween, 2009]

EDIT to ADD: How could I forget?! This was the Quarantine Summer!! My mom, dad and brother came to visit China for two weeks. This was the year of the swine flu. Someone on their international flight had a fever. Well, once they arrived in in QD, we were tracked down and sequestered. We were required to take our temperature and report twice a day. Unfortunately, this was the same time that my apartment neighbors were doing construction. Not like, “let’s-build-a-bookshelf” construction, but “let’s-dig-up-the-concrete-floor-with-jackhammers-for-8-hours-a-day” construction.  Oh yes, what a memory.


It was also the summer that Sarah came to visit and we found an amazing old bomb shelter turned mythology museum. We nearly died. It was fantastic. Just ask for the story. Epic.



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