[week 7: checkin’ off the bucketlist]

[week 7: checkin’ off the bucketlist]

A perk of working at an International School is celebrating Western and Chinese holidays. Enter – Chinese New Year a 2 week holiday. Huzzah. Now a vacation with friends to get away and enjoy down time. It’s been a perfect blend of time together, down time, TV watching, staying in bed, going out adventuring and checking things off the bucket list. Wonderful. Seriously.

IMG_8124 IMG_8183 IMG_8222

floating in the dead sea… good times…

IMG_8244 IMG_8359 IMG_8369 IMG_8458

riding camels at Petra… ending at the treasury

IMG_8470 IMG_8478

Our first adventure was to the Dead Sea. We floated and mudded and relaxed and swam. It was delightful and restful.

We walked and walked and walked in Petra. The walls were tall and beautifully carved. We rode camels and giggled our way through the path as other tourists took pictures and were delighted as much as we were. Checkin’ that off the list.

And now we’re snowed in. Like, legit snowed in with inches on the ground and the windowsills. We grocery shopped yesterday in preparation for not going back out for days. :) I should have bought more Nutella – already polished off one jar in the last few days. I did have help. Also, I blame jet-lag for my ravenous hungry streak early in the morning.

Back to being snowed in on vacation in the Middle East… forage for more food in the kitchen soon :)


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