[week 9: what a week] & [Chinese New Year adventure pictures]

[week 9: what a week]

so a few several days late. good thing it’s a once a week posting rather than a daily. wouldn’t make it. if I could email the post in [which I think I could] then I could do that – I’m on email quite a bit, just this season of life.

this first week after break is always interesting. sometimes it is slow and chill, easing everyone into the thought of returning to reality. and then there are the other kind – that barrel at you with the force of a freight train. I got to Thursday and was convinced that vacation was a month ago, rather than just a few days. And then there was Friday. All I will say, is that I’m glad Friday is done. It was a crazy storm/bad timing of many layers colliding. and now it’s done. hallelujah.

I didn’t really take any pictures from the week, so here are a few more from holiday :)

[Chinese New Year adventure pictures]

a few more just for fun…

in Petra
in front of Burj Khalifa in Dubai
in the sunshine and shadow of Burj Khalifa
Aims rocking the sunglasses
a friendly face in the Dubai Aquarium

walking around the Aquarium was like being a kid again – there were so many fascinating & exciting creatures. and King Croc was there – seriously, this guy was huge. being the geeks we are, we stood and watched the documentary on how he came to live in Dubai – and how he had grown in his time since leaving Australia.

Dubai Aquarium – looks like something from Dr.Who

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