[week 10: flowers!]

[week 10: flowers!]

someone asked how my last week ended. and I had to honestly respond: I don’t remember.

It’s the weekend and my delightfully wonderful friend Jen is in town/country – I’m SO excited! It’s been good to catch up some in the last few days – with more to come! And pictures too…

here’s a picture from when I got to be a lunch lady with one of the co-teachers to set up lunches for an event we had this past week:

 photo IMG_9178_zpsn7buewu2.jpg

also, I bought flowers this week… I love having fresh flowers, but being in town, it’s hard to find places that won’t over charge. maybe that can be a summer project: find a quality and reasonably priced flower shop…

 photo editIMG_9208_zps08op192b.jpg

 photo editIMG_9199_zpsqvwntn6r.jpg

 photo editIMG_9202_zpsyqp119pb.jpg

 photo editIMG_9188_zpsmqungkll.jpg

 photo editIMG_9194_zpss5qqqyfe.jpg

this week will be busy, but should have some good excellent moments. it will also be filled with difficult challenging moments. and hopefully pictures with friends :)


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